By Brian Scordato, Founder of Tacklebox Accelerator and the Idea to Startup Podcast

Because all ideas are not created equal.

You can work on any startup idea you’d like, make sure you choose one worth your time.

The Idea Resume is exactly what it sounds like — when you have a startup idea, this framework helps you create a resume to decide if the idea has enough potential for you to pursue it. Hire ideas wisely

Let’s break it down:

Your startup idea is almost certainly a product idea. …

By Brian Scordato, Founder of Tacklebox Accelerator and the Idea to Startup Podcast

My best friend growing up lived about 5 houses down from me. He moved there in 3rd grade, coming from a far away land called “Long Island” that to 3rd grade Brian sounded very exotic.

His older brother had taught him about girls and z100, so on top of being exotic he seemed very grown-up to all of us who mostly spent our days playing with transformers and sipping Capri Sun. On the first day of 3rd grade — his first day in a new school —…

By Brian Scordato, Founder of Tacklebox Accelerator and the Idea to Startup Podcast

Your startup (and lots of other very important things in your life) will depend on moments. These moments seem, and often are, serendipitous. You get a job because you bump into someone at a wedding, you meet your spouse in line at Whole Foods, your startup gets funded because the kid of an investor you’re pitching loves your product.

These moments drive everything. Yet we leave them to chance.

This post is about how to orchestrate the moments that change behavior. How to identify and understand all…

The first time I heard about The Da Vinci Code, a thriller written by Dan Brown and released in 2003, was from a kid in my dorm at Union College.

He was a strange kid. He spent most of his days watching CHiPs reruns in a bathrobe.

Anyway, I walked into his room on a random Sunday evening around 9pm and he was lying on his bed reading. I’d never seen him read before. I asked him what he was reading, and without taking his eyes off the book he waved me away and said “nope.”

— — —


Why do you watch Schitt’s Creek?

Because it’s a good show? Sure — it’s funny. I’m 4 seasons in.

But it’s not a great show. I’d argue (successfully) that it’s not even the best show with the word Creek in the title.

Feel free to open up your morning light (this link) in the background while you read the rest of the post

“Decent Dawson’s Creek joke, but good vs. great is subjective. And why does it even matter?”

Because Schitt’s Creek is massive. It’s grown like crazy — like it’s the best show of the past decade — and…

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My college basketball coach was a real asshole.

Note: I learned after college he isn’t actually an asshole, we’re close now, but that’s not as strong of an intro.

My coach did two things college kids don’t care for all that much — he told us the truth and he held us accountable.

One of my best friends was a talented shooting guard who never reached his enormous potential. This drove my coach crazy. One day after practice he looked my friend dead in the eyes:

“If you…

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Quibi launched on April 6th and immediately signed up 1.7 million customers. The company is run by entertainment and tech royalty, and has raised $1.8 billion dollars.

Unfortunately, Quibi is already dead. They won’t be around in 18 months. Luckily, your startup can be.

IMPORTANT EDITORS NOTE: I hate these types of articles. I never write them. There is no opinion lazier than “I bet startup X will fail,” aside from maybe “See, I told you startup X would fail!”

Predicting a startup will fail is like betting on every number on…

(Note, this is not a startup post. The rest of ’em are. But not this one).

For five years, I had a pretty standard routine.

I’d walk from my office down in Soho to my apartment in the East Village after work each day. It was a 23 or 27 minute walk, depending on whether I cut through Washington Square Park or not. I work late — Tacklebox sessions start at 7pm — so this walk usually happened at 10pm or later.

The walk never disappoints.

I’d leave the office stressed, exhausted, sometimes overwhelmed, then walk into a world that…

Quick note on how you’ll get into YC / raise fundraising.

I visualize YC, and most investment opportunities, as a see-saw. That see-saw has traction on one side and relationship with founder on the other. They de-risk each other. If you’ve got massive traction, that de-risks (in an investor’s eyes) the risk of not knowing the founder. Alternatively, if you’ve sold a company already, the “relationship” with that founder (even if there’s no personal relationship) is “they make money” and that’s good. You’ll get money with zero traction.

This isn’t rocket science. But, if you’ve got neither a relationship with…

Jerry Seinfeld used to hang pictures of the Hubble Telescope in the Seinfeld writers room.

Judd Apatow, interviewing Seinfeld for his book on comedians, Sick in the Head, asked why.

“That would calm me when I would start to think that what I was doing was important. You look at some pictures from the Hubble Telescope and you snap out of it.”

Apatow pushed back, saying how depressing that sounded.

“People always say it makes them feel insignificant, but I don’t find being insignificant depressing. I find it uplifting.”

We’ve all been smacked in the face with how insignificant we…


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