Baguette About It

Three questions that’ll shine a light on your startup idea’s potential

Question 1: Why Me?

What do I know that makes me uniquely well positioned to thrive with Baguette About It?

“Why Me” Grade: C-

Question 2: Why Now?

However great your idea is, someone has thought of it before.

“Why Now” Grade: F

Question 3: Why At All?

Time to flex your muscles on how well you understand the customer you’re building for.

  • B2C (selling to consumers): Only build something if it’s solving the biggest, most pressing need/problem in a specific group of customer’s lives at some identifiable moment.
  • B2B (selling to businesses): Only build something if it will get a specific person inside a company promoted, and if they don’t have access to it they might get fired.

“Why at all” Grade: F



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